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TYPE          : OFFICE SPACE /

                    CO WORKING


AREA         : 10000 SQFT 

YEAR         : 2017

The Project commenced with designing a dedicated office space for a software company. Subsequently towards completion had an immense potential for a flexible co-working space and converted into one for Goodworks.

Three primary programs namely formal office cabins, open workstations and cafeteria were distributed through the linear space. The intial open work area was converted into closed cabins without hindering the visual treatment of open spaces. The chosen colour pallet and material treatment of the vertical surfaces, i.e, partitions, tables etc. differentiates the formal from the informal workspaces. In contrast, the horizontal surfaces i.e, ceiling, flooring, lighting etc. dilutes the contrast posed through the vertical surfaces and connects the overall space as one entity.

The ceiling in the open areas are made with plywood strips arranged in a “slant” manner to visually break the linearity of the space. While concealing the services running across the ceiling, it also aids in composing the office space to a cosy and tangible human scale. Custom made linear light fittings made in plywood and finished with paint, hover above the workstation tables. Inside the formal office cabins these lights create an illusion through its linear arrangement & reflectivity of the glass partitions in between cabins. Fun and playful character is brought in the informal work area through the use of bright yellow colour resonating from the laminate used for the table top through the painted meeting room surfaces, while the cafeteria space uses dark colour with monochromatic tile cladding on the pantry. The expression of plywood in its raw nature used throughout the design compliments and binds the space as one.

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