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TYPE          : OFFICE SPACE /


AREA         : 2100 SQFT 

YEAR         : 2019 

Project ANZEN stands out to be a subtle and calm office space, within the hustle of Mumbai city. One can see the chaos of the city out of the window. Bringing in a layer of green in between the city and the user as of a filter of peacefulness became the basic notion of the project. The west façade exposed to the city was envisioned as a balcony covered with plants, breaking the monotony of concrete and glass.

The design had to be done for an insurance broking company on a floorplate of 2,000 sq ft. The motive was to design a space different than usual corporate offices, with subtle and decent color scheme. A peaceful environment had been brought in by the execution of natural materials and soft colors. The color palette reflects the rawness of birch ply and subtleness of white color. Wood is used in the meeting rooms and huddle room whereas the monotony breaks in cafeteria with a plain white wall.

The interior landscape as well as the fresh air unit provides high quality comfort to the users.
The client’s inclination for art forms including collection of old Bombay maps imparts the traditional texture on the sleek walls, complementing the vibe of the framework. The project in all has a unique character for its interior and indefinite environment.
In the common area, the façade is a transparent layer of glass, allowing in the west sunlight. The platform is raised as of a deck overlooking the chaotic city, which contrasts with the interior space. A mesh of organic curves is installed blending in with the natural greenery. The green enhances the sense of interior being an additional factor of the project. The installation creates delusion with the repetitive lines and planes, the design manifests the complex yet the focal feature of the whole space. The material palette is changed to segregate the two spaces as of entering a different zone. A small corner is dedicated for the head person.

One enters through a long corridor opening in a large central workspace. The corridor leads to the company logo on a tall wall of shera board paneling, which acts as a visual barrier hiding the whole office space. The workspace is occupied by two long linear tables. Two large tables were prioritized over small workstations considering the fact that the company was still growing, secondly, to create a sense of grandness for the user. Two circular rings are installed above both the tables which are the sufficient light source for the large workspace. The clear height of 14 feet enhances the grandeur of the envelope.
The play of scale, proportions and material happened to revive the experience of an existing site, marking a subtle identity of an office space in the field of Interiors.

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