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designuru 2020




                  INDOOR PAVILION



EVENT       : DESIGNURU 2020 (3 DAYS)


An installation bringing a balance of architecture and light, ancient and contemporary. A form that functions to acknowledge the existence of the surroundings (people).

The architectural light installation enables a deeper sense of engagement with people. Creating real and meaningful space to spark or trigger conversations and a skim through a lapse, imparting a memorable message. Strongly believing that people and nature are the subjects and the objective of design shall consciously revolve, respond and react to them.

The nature of our work often holds close relations to the reflexes inspired or influenced by “light”. Practicing and promoting the same, the medium of giving an expression to the installation was decided upon to be as light.

An approach to convey a message was made, to inspire and urge on the younger generation and the community of non-architects, architects as well to look and seek meaning, architectural values from the roots of our own nation. The need for questioning, nurturing curiosity and fetching dots to make lines occurred through a process of research and study followed by multiple group discussions and meandering upon perspectives of scalable eyes.



The design of the installation was wrapped in various layers of thought processes. Orientation was planned as such that there were numerous points of vistas created from the inside and outside of the building- A visual connection to the installation, over a period of three days of design festival, made an impact of an indoor pavilion. The light was poured as landscape, spiking out like sprouts creating a natural pathway dark was made to architecturally understand its importance and significance.

An experimental and experiential study on the properties, thresholds, phenomena, and behavior of the materiality under contrasting setups were made to emerge the right expression, through the paring of light and acrylics. The behavior of light was into the molds of traits, the materials were prepared to withhold.

The installation represented today through its fragile, reflecting yet translucent profiles, emerging from the curvature of dark dome possessing derivation and relevance to the strong architectural values that have evolved over time in our nation. A reminder of the fact how architecture has closely been related to humans and their evolution, as an expression, as a practice, and as an identity, is put across.


The minds of the designers anticipated to achieve a complete dome (as per the design of installation) and deliver an absolute authentic impact of their work. The installation has been a built- form of the process of the journey MYVN had, shared with extreme excitement with the architects and most importantly the non-architects. As the designuru festival servers as a platform, designed through the vision of a common man were given a chance to be voiced, experience and comprehend.

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