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TYPE          : OFFICE SPACE /


AREA         : 20000 SQFT 

YEAR         : 2015 

With a crisp and clear brief of creating a temporary 18000 sqft workspace for a year, a fun and frolic hyper local transport company - GoJek approached us. With a short term execution of 45 days and budget constraints, this project came with its own restrictions. The site was in a pre-existing building; hence the services were left untouched. “The utter mess” was the first glance and the notion that geared up the design process. Introduction of bright colours to overpower the cluttered exposed ceiling became the concept of the project. The white envelope of ceiling and workstations blending with colours make a refreshing working environment.

Taking inspiration from the active and lively work culture of the company, bright yellow and green lanes have been introduced as skin for the workspace. The colours bring in a sharp contrast to the area with the serene white workstations. To create a seamless enclosure of the colour, the built-in elements I.e. the columns have been painted. The perfectly proportioned colour palette creates a striking illusion of mirrored image. The yellow lane is a spill out space with casually placed ottomans adding an informal character to it.

Retaining the maximum, the west facing cabins were converted into meeting rooms. The telephone booths with glass partitions have been introduced in the north which allows one to enjoy the splendid skyline of Bangalore while talking over phone in a space of their own. The coder caves, are cladded in polished plywood and paired with grey fabric. Having worked with the client earlier gave us a better understanding of their programme and enabled us to analyse their needs.

The sliding writing partitions being the central design element bind the whole space together. Connecting the columns, these partitions provide privacy by enclosing the space. The movable workstations have been customised with central support of MS legs and writable laminate on top. The power supply for the workstations have been taken from the ceiling without chipping off the flooring. The sliding partitions and the movable workstations were designed with the intent to provide greater flexibility in the spatial layout. The light fixtures above the workstations have been customised to provide a diffused light that doesn’t reflect on the monitor screens.

Installation :

The outcome of all the exploration and experimentation in the design is the conference room. The parabolic ceiling has been treated as an installation which creates an enclosure for the people sitting on the table without being over dominant. The fluorescent sheets create a gleaming glow on the edges and the translucency with daylight create a beautiful rhythm of curves. The foyer area is a harmony of black monotones with the mute palette in furniture which gives a contrast to the grey reception table and the dark walls. The inclusion of the cluttered ceiling with the balanced colour palette and organized layout created harmony.

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